What is GEM ExTra?

GEM ExTra® is a test that can detect damage to any gene in a cancer sample all at once. Your doctor will send a tube of blood and a tumor specimen for analysis. The tumor specimen may come from surgery, or it may be a small sample collected specifically for testing purposes (known as a biopsy). A blood sample will also be collected and sent to the lab for testing at the same time as the tumor.

Why do you need both a tissue and blood sample?

The GEM ExTra® compares the DNA from your tumor to the DNA in your blood (normal) in order to subtract out (exclude) hereditary variations, leaving only the variants identified in your tumor. This leaves us with the most specific genomic picture of your tumor.

How can the GEM ExTra® help my treatment?

The GEM ExTra® matches gene variants found in your tumor with FDA-approved therapies that are known to act on those genes. This gives your physician treatment options that will specifically target the cancer and not the surrounding normal tissue. The report also provides your physician with potential clinical trials that you may be eligible for based on the variants found in your tumor.

How likely is it that the GEM ExTra® will uncover treatment or clinical trial options for my cancer?

Testing reveals variants with either FDA approved drug matches greater than 25% of the time, and therapeutic or clinical trial options in approximately 90% of our cases.

Will my physician receive any information on my hereditary alterations found in my blood sample?

No hereditary information will be reported back to your physician. The GEM ExTra® is intended to address tumor-specific variants. However, in some cases, hereditary variants can play a role in your cancer and can be targets for therapy. The GEM ExTra retains those select variants for reporting to your oncologist.

How long does it take for my physician to get the results of my GEM ExTra?

Turnaround time for the GEM ExTra® is 14 days.

How can I get a copy of my GEM ExTra® report?

Contact us at [email protected] or call us toll-free at 1-844-539-3309.

How do I order a GEM ExTra® test?

GEM ExTra® requires physician authorization. Please have your physician contact us at 1-844-539-3309.