Personalized medicine leverages decades of breakthroughs in science and healthcare to provide patients with precise treatment options for their specific case. Ashion® is dedicated to accelerating the use of personalized genomic information to provide patients with the right treatment for their disease.

  • Right Drug. Right Time.

    The Ashion Analytics™ team is led by internationally recognized doctors and scientists whose innovations in clinical genomics helped launch the field of Precision Medicine. With premier next-generation cancer analysis, we can provide a more complete biological picture of your cancer.

  • Cancer and DNA

    Damage to cancer-causing genes can now be easily and affordably detected through direct sequence analysis of the tumor. Scientists and doctors have used this knowledge to develop new approaches to personalized cancer treatment.

  • Genomic-Enabled Medicine (GEM) ExTra® Test

    Therapeutic options for cancer treatment should not be "one-size-fits-all". The Genomic-Enabled Medicine (GEM) ExTra® test is a medical test that detects damage in genes that may be a contributing cause of your cancer. These findings may help your doctor identify personalized treatment options best suited for you.

Easy-to-Understand Reports


The GEM ExTra® Report summarizes the key findings from your genomic test in an easy-to-read format. The report focuses on the damaged gene(s) identified in your cancer cells to identify option(s) for your personalized treatment. This report is meant for your healthcare provider to review with you.

Outlines information about you, your doctor and your blood and tumor samples.


The Genomic Snapshot table gives your oncologist a quick summary of key results found in the report.

The Findings Table contains more details about the findings listed in Section 3, as well as additional information for your doctor.


BLUE: List of Genomic Alterations found in your cancer.


GREEN: Evidence for drug treatments predicted to be effective by your test results.


YELLOW: List of clinical trials you may be eligible for based on your test results.

States your cancer diagnosis as provided by your doctor when ordering the test. This is not based on the GEM ExTra® test results.

The Tumor Genomic Alterations are the headline findings of the report. It is a list of genes identified as being damaged in your cancer but not in your normal DNA (“normal” DNA is obtained from your blood; reported information is obtained from your tumor DNA). These are the key genes that will inform you and your doctor as you make your personalized treatment decisions.

Precision medicine testing from Ashion® can assist your physician in developing a tailored treatment plan just for you.