Ashion Analytics®, LLC, was originally developed in 2014 using the clinical genomic sequencing and analysis technology utilized in the world’s first clinical studies for personalized cancer treatment. We continue to provide clinical genomic sequencing for many important clinical studies, including those for multiple myeloma, neuroblastoma, lung cancer, brain cancer, and pediatric cancers. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of genomic analysis for clinical decision support to improve the treatment of patients with refractory, rare, or aggressive disease.


We are experts at Next-Generation Sequencing-based clinical laboratory services, derived from our pedigree of pioneering precision medicine work.

Tumor-normal exome sequencing

Tumor-normal targeted panel sequencing

RNA Sequencing

Nucleic acid extraction from FFPE tissue

Data analysis and technical reporting

Clinical Interpretation

All work is conducted by validated protocols in our CLIA-certified and CAP accredited laboratory.


Ashion Analytics™ Mission is to develop and deliver the premier personalized medicine diagnostic, data analytic, and clinical coordination services which assist healthcare providers in offering their patients individualized treatment options and which improve outcomes.